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Olive Hill utilizes a fully integrated in-house asset and property management platform to operate assets at peak levels.

As owners of commercial real estate for more than two decades, the company understands how to manage costs, improve efficiencies, and create long-term value, both for its own portfolio and for third parties.
The firm also balances its analytical approach with a deep understanding of local dynamics in each market, ultimately directing asset and property management strategies that attract and keep tenants in place, while driving value.

Services include:



Olive Hill is skilled in the renovation, rehabilitation, and repositioning of commercial assets, as well as ground-up development.

In total, Olive Hill has developed and/or redeveloped a variety of projects including office, multifamily, retail and hospitality product.

The firm’s management team is comprised of experienced real estate specialists who are skilled in making informed decisions about real estate. With a background in real estate, technology, and law, the Olive Hill team is capable of envisioning and analyzing highest and best use of each property and bringing quality projects to fruition.